Ultra-wide non-woven fabrics for the development of agriculture to solve problems

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September 2015 Division I from abroad to introduce advanced equipment, and the official production, can be non-woven stitching into any width, such as 4.5 meters, 6.5 meters, 12 meters ... ... the widest can be spliced into 30 meters wide, Non-woven fabrics in the actual use of the process brought about by the small size of the small area, which requires a lot of labor brought about by the shop cover.

Our introduction of advanced equipment, splicing Department of non-woven materials used in their own splicing, splicing to achieve a solid, non-cracking, environmental protection features. And stitching can be spliced two sides, so that better products to ensure that.


Our non-woven anti-aging treatment, so that non-woven life, non-woven water permeability is also a good permeability, tensile strength and so on. Seed sprayed in the bare ground, in the sprayed surface covered with a layer of non-woven, to prevent excessive evaporation of water, and the formation of a greenhouse, play a certain role in insulation and moisture for the seed germination and growth to create a better condition. In addition, non-woven fabrics can play a role in preventing bird pecking seeds.

Non-woven is very environmentally friendly, after a certain period of time after the sun and rain will automatically break down to solve the environmental problems and farmers to receive the cloth brought heavy human problems.


Products are particularly suitable for agricultural, breeding and use, non-woven gardening floating shed film, insulation film, greenhouse film, anti-frost breathable film, shade cloth.


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