Environmental non-woven tablecloth into the tens of thousands of households

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    With the improvement of living standards, the market demand for faster pace of life, convenience, higher quality. The need for consumables is also increasing. Division I according to market trends, research and development more convenient, environmental protection, color variety of practical non-woven tablecloths to the market and new and old customers by the praise!


Recently I Division in the original square tablecloths, rolls of table cloth on the basis of research and development of circular table cloth. Can be customized according to customer needs below 3.2 meters in diameter, different weight and color table cloth.


The product is rich in color to meet the needs of different consumer groups, the price at the end, environmental protection, easy to use, simple layer of disposable tablecloths when the meal, throw away after use. Round table cloth designed for the round desktop, covered with beautiful appearance. The company can also be carried out according to customer needs after the independent packaging cartons installed, to facilitate direct sales into the supermarket to reduce the secondary packaging of human and material resources consumption.



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