Credit Suisse introduced printing tablecloth

Author:   Source:   Time:2016/9/13 11:50:54

Foshan Ruixin Nonwovens Co., Ltd. has introduced new printing tablecloth on the basis of ordinary non-woven table cloth. Moth, non-toxic, and Ruixin company's products through the ROHS testing, the majority of consumers can rest assured that use.


Printing PP spunbond non-woven tablecloths are widely used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other industries, because the price is cheap, environmentally friendly recyclable, non-toxic harmless, and wear good, solid feel good features, making it a tablecloth The best choice.


Credit Suisse introduced advanced machinery and equipment, tailor-made for the production of table cloth 5 production lines, product specifications and diverse, full-color varieties, free cutting, choice of space. High degree of mechanization of the production line, so that folding more tidy, clean and generous packaging. The weight of loading is from 6 tons of ordinary machine to 10 tons, which reduces the high transportation cost and storage cost.



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