This South enterprises, take the road of own brand, non-woven fabrics are exported to more than 30 countries

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OEM processing, low-cost competition, labor-intensive ... ... in the new era of consumption and the impact of the Internet era, the domestic drawbacks of traditional private enterprises gradually. After the rapid development, most private non-woven enterprises are in the transition from "manufacturing" to "create" the key period of transition, some enterprises in the economic downturn in the break out of the box, The creation of the brand.

     In Foshan City Ruixin Nonwovens Co., Ltd., where more than 95% of products exported abroad. After several years of optimization marketing, technological innovation, last year, Foshan Ruixin Nonwovens Co., Ltd. "Credit Suisse" non-woven and "Ruixin" spring mattresses two brand-name products in Guangdong Province title, two heavy Of the honor, is the road of independent brands an important milestone.


Export both domestic and take the road to create their own brands

       Like many small and medium enterprises, Credit Suisse work hard in the traditional manufacturing industry, relying on foreign trade enterprises to complete the original accumulation in the international market in the development of wind and water. At present, Credit Suisse's non-woven orders to the end of this year has been saturated, the seventh automated production line ready to start. Under the pressure of the economic downturn, Credit Suisse's "report card" can be said to be "thriving."

        General Manager Deng Hongchang introduced in 2007, the company in the field of wire spring, non-woven areas, foreign trade in the field of three senior joint venture, is now the leading domestic furniture nonwovens, while a number of international, Famous domestic enterprises OEM production of mattresses.


        Credit Suisse's development, in fact, is the road of independent brands. As early as a few years ago, the company will launch a Credit Suisse's "Ra-syonMattress" brand, in all kinds of international furniture Expo "spring breeze." Subsequently, for the domestic market has launched the "Rui Xin" brand, the main series of high-end mattresses, pillows and other products. The non-woven brand "rayson" is frequently appeared in foreign markets. In the Google page, enter the keyword "non-woven", there's the results inside, Credit Suisse's products almost more than half. "This is what we continue to do the brand optimization and marketing of Internet results, regular updates of product content, upload product video or even process, so that customers through the Internet have a deeper understanding of the brand.


Credit Suisse has just founded, it is also OEM manufacturers, why go to take its own brand of the road? Deng Hongchang said, as early as many years ago, the company will look for the development trend of the industry, we must adjust the thinking, based on playing a protracted war, adhere to the expansion of domestic sales and brand development in order to achieve business transformation.

Focus on the three aspects of the change ▼


From export-oriented to export both domestic;


From processing to create their own brands;


Products from a single species to multi-species changes.

        In recent years, Credit Suisse has not seen the situation of shrinking production, to date, products have been exported to more than 30 countries, light non-woven tablecloths in this category of products in the Italian market share of more than 30%.

Stable foundation

Using Internet Management to Establish Enterprise Culture

        With the advent of the Internet era, many companies have played "Internet +" slogan. For Credit Suisse, the "Internet +" concept has a more profound meaning. "Corporate Internet ideas not only the development of electricity providers, selling things online, more importantly, the use of Internet means to strengthen production, management and management tools," Deng Hongchang said.

        To this end, the company's management unified use of enterprise management app software for day-to-day work communication, management, marketing, directors, directors, legal, general manager, can see their real-time mobile phone business processing to understand the various departments Daily operation. "In the future, we hope that sales data, distribution of customers, and diligence of business people will be able to present data in real time, dynamically and accurately with histograms, pie charts and trend lines," said the company official. , Greatly improving the entire enterprise management processes and levels.



In addition to "efficient", the company responsible person in charge, happy to share, healthy life of the corporate culture is also an important driving force for sustainable development. Not long ago, Credit Suisse organized a "daily step" contest, through the calculation of the software step count, the largest number of steps per day employees can be rewarded. Deng Hongchang is also a sports enthusiast, in the lead set up Shishan Badminton Association, employees have joined the company badminton team, and the use of spare time and other organizations, units to carry out exchanges. Deng Hongchang frankly: "People who like sports must be happy, active and love to share, so that the state of life in order to continue to their own 'charge', and continuously improve their happiness, I hope my staff can work happy and happy life. It is reported that the current Credit Suisse badminton courts are planning and construction, after the completion of the staff in the vicinity of the company have a perfect sports venues to carry out physical exercise.


This year in July is the ninth anniversary of the establishment of the company Credit Suisse, the company proposed the "efficient sharing of play," the spirit of encouraging staff. Quenching nine contained, fruitful, but the goal is far more than this. The person in charge said: "stepping up the pace of industrial upgrading, adhere to high quality and high demand, the courage to innovate and enhance the connotation of the brand is the next nine years Ruixin development goals and direction, I believe we are determined to forge ahead, happy life team Do it! "



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