Credit Suisse staff activity center was officially opened

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    August 6, in the newly completed Credit Suisse staff activities center heard festive firecrackers, warm applause and cheers. After a month of construction, renovation, Credit Suisse staff activity center was officially opened, Credit Suisse employees representatives, Shishan Feather Association badminton enthusiasts to participate in a simple and solemn opening ceremony.


   In order to provide recreation and fitness places for employees, enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life, make employees happy to work and healthy life, and better serve and promote the sound and rapid development of the company, Credit Suisse has built a new staff center. The center covers an area of about 400 square meters, equipped with badminton courts, table tennis tables, chess sets, and leisure areas for athletes to rest. In addition, the company provides every Saturday afternoon is the time to focus on exercise, the staff can arrange work under the premise of the activities center to exercise. Staff Activities Center will also be open to employees from time to time, to facilitate the use of spare time employees exercise.


In addition to the existing entertainment facilities, Credit Suisse will also invest a lot of money to improve the construction of the event center, the venue additional large-screen projector for staff meetings, training purposes.

     Mr. Deng Hongchang, general manager of Credit Suisse as the president of Shishan Feather Association, is an avid fan of badminton. He has always believed that only adhere to exercise, a healthy body, in order to better provide customers with efficient, high-quality services. Under the leadership of Mr. Deng, the company gradually formed a strong corporate culture of the campaign. Ruizhi Xin crown sponsor of the Rui Xin Cup hundred enterprises basketball game is well known. Badminton and table tennis competitions have become an integral part of Credit Suisse employees in the year-end activities and corporate anniversary events.



   The establishment of Credit Suisse staff activity center not only enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, but also provided a place for the staff to communicate and enhance the cohesion of the company, which has been widely praised by the employees.



    In the future, Credit Suisse will pay more attention to the building of enterprise culture, and strongly support the construction and improvement of staff recreation center, and strive to build the center into a diversified recreation area which is satisfying to the employees, enrich the amateur life of employees and provide customers with more time- , More high-quality services.



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