Non-woven is not really environmentally friendly

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Consumers questioned, non-woven bags of raw materials for polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate, while the plastic bag is the raw material of polyethylene. Polypropylene and polyethylene belong to the same five common plastic varieties, is 50 years can not be degraded plastic varieties - "Made with this material, non - woven bags how environmentally friendly?

Qingdao University, School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Associate Professor Dong Chaohong told reporters that polypropylene is difficult to degrade the material, but now manufacturers of non-woven fabrics will be added in the photodegradation of polypropylene and photodegradation additives, so that non-woven bags in the Sunlight exposure, can achieve photodegradation, will not cause environmental pollution. Natural light, a non-woven bags in 90 days can be completely degraded.

At the same time, Dong Chaohong also said that the degradation of nonwovens there is a use of microbial degradation in the form, so that the whole piece of non-woven into pieces, but can not achieve complete degradation, "Although this degradation is not commonly used, but theoretically Is an objective reality.

Ruixin non-woven products are produced using their own non-woven fabrics as raw materials for production, in accordance with the provisions of the production process to add a degradation aid. Is absolutely environmentally friendly products.



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