The role of agricultural nonwovens?

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At present, agricultural non-woven cloth has been widely used in micro-climate regulation (seedling cover, moisturizing coverage), seedling cultivation, irrigation, crop and tree protection, multi-functional plant growth matrix material, rooting materials, agricultural geotextile, , Fruit sheath, etc., not only can improve crop yield, but also can improve the climate conditions of the environment, reduce energy consumption and protect the ecological environment, is favored by farmers ideal agricultural materials, has a huge potential market. Agricultural non-woven fabrics are mostly polyester or polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric (using polypropylene as raw materials, should be added in the section of the anti-ultraviolet radiation anti-aging agent), processed into a volume of 8 ~ 80g / m2, And a nonwoven fabric having a width of 1-2 m or more. Color and easy series, according to plant growth, the choice of different colors to meet the requirements of different light transmittance or shading rate, its main role described below:

1. Antifreeze effect

    The use of agricultural non-woven greenhouses, can increase the greenhouse temperature 1 ~ 3 ℃, improve indoor temperature 2 ~ 4 ℃, which can promote crop growth, early maturity, shorten the growth cycle and improve efficiency. Especially in the cold weather has not yet disappeared before the spring, the use of agricultural non-woven fabric covered with rice seedlings, cotton nutrition and nursery, corn seedling, can make rice yield increased by 5% -6%, cotton, maize seedlings. Section secret, to improve yield levels. In the cold winter before the advent of the use of agricultural non-woven greenhouses can plant anti-season vegetables, cultivate flowers, so that the market has vegetables and flowers all year round supply to meet the needs of people.

2. Moisture retention moisture role

    Crop growth can not be separated from the temperature, moisture and sunlight, agricultural non-woven fabric can reduce relative humidity 6% -17%, can effectively control fruits and vegetables pests and diseases, which can reduce the use of pesticides, not only can reduce agricultural production Cost, but also reduce the pollution of pesticides on crops, so that human health be protected. At the same time, in some arid areas, the use of agricultural non-woven cover the bottom surface can play the role of soil moisture, is conducive to crop seed germination and growth.

3. Dimming degradation

    China's vast territory around the light intensity and time and temperature vary greatly, according to a variety of crops on the sunlight and temperature do not require the use of different colors and thickness of the agricultural non-woven fabric for dimming effect. For example, the intensity of sunshine in southern China is strong, the temperature is high, the use of different colors and specifications of non-woven fabrics, non-woven fabric can play a shading and lower the temperature.

4. Protection

   Especially the fruit sheath compared with the paper bag, not only wet strength is good, not easy to damage, and the use of good effect, long service life, the use of long-term use of plastic bags, Thereby improving the quality of the fruit, reducing costs.

5. Energy-saving and water-saving effect

    This effect is obvious. After the use of agricultural non-woven cloth, so that greatly reduce the agricultural irrigation water, while the greenhouse in the winter because of good insulation effect, can not Health furnace temperature, which has the role of energy saving and water saving.

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