Non - woven bags characteristics

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Non-woven bags: refers to the use of non-woven bags made of packaging, generally used for packaging or other purposes. Non-woven bag bearing capacity and general paper bags, plastic bags almost, but because of its practicality, aesthetics, environmental protection by everyone's favorite.

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       From the plastic limit issued by the beginning of plastic bags gradually withdraw from the packaging market, replaced. Non-woven bags can not only be used repeatedly, but also in the above printing patterns and advertising, repeated use of low loss rate, not only can save costs, but also bring advertising effectiveness.


       Traditional shopping bag material is light, easy to break, cost savings, in order to make it more solid, it will cost. Non-woven shopping bags to solve this problem, good toughness, easy to damage. In addition to have solid, but also has a waterproof, feel good, good-looking appearance of the characteristics, although the higher cost, but the service life is relatively long.


       A fine non-woven bags, not just a commodity, and attractive appearance can be put it down, but also can be transformed into a simple fashion shoulder bag, which became beautiful scenery. Strong, waterproof, sticky hand features will also become the first choice for customers, in addition to non-woven bags printed on the logo or advertising, which brings advertising effects.

Environmental protection

   In order to solve environmental problems issued by the plastic limit, and the repeated use of non-woven bags, greatly reducing the pressure of garbage conversion, so the potential value is not money can be replaced, can solve the problem of ordinary packaging is not easy degradation.

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    Ruixin company has polypropylene spunbond production line 6, the annual output of up to 15,000 tons, while non-woven products workshop has five sets of automatic non-woven pieces of machine and two sets of non-woven rewinder and multiple products and equipment , The daily production of more than 100,000 sheets of tablecloths, 2000 volumes of small volumes of non-woven fabrics, 50,000 medical sheets.

    Non-woven products workshop, according to customer requirements production of various shopping bags, gift bags, gift bags (12 pack, 9 pack, 6 pack, 4 pack, 2 pack) storage bags, household items, hotel Supplies, bedding, medical supplies and other non-woven series of environmentally friendly products. We have two sets of the most advanced ultrasonic automatic bag production line, produced by the design of new products, superior quality by, the price is reasonable, delivery on time, favored by the majority of users. Production is now a daily non-woven flat-pocket 100,000, 50,000 vest bag, sewing bag 30,000, medical bed sheets, more than 5,000 sets of medical blankets. Welcomed the new and old customers like to call to discuss or order




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