Application of Non - woven Fabric in Flower Production

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Modern flower production is the current and future development direction, and in greenhouses and other protective plant cultivation is the flower factory production of the main way. In order to ensure the annual production and supply of flowers market, in the late autumn and winter, spring can be used in greenhouse (greenhouse) with two non-woven fabric curtains or non-woven small shed insulation cover cultivation, in the hot summer use of non- Weaving cloth for shade cultivation, in order to improve the temperature inside the greenhouse, humidity and light intensity, to meet the growth and development of flowers required for climate and environmental conditions, to achieve high-quality flowers and potted flowers, high-quality cultivation. Especially in the north, the cultivation time of the flowers is relatively short in the cold time. In order to make the people in the North enjoy the fragrance of flowers and beautify the indoor environment all the year round, using non-woven cloth to cover the flowers is not only of wide social significance, but also of great social significance. Has a certain economic significance. Now several kinds of flowers in northern use of straw greenhouse and non-woven fabric covered greenhouse contrast in Table 11-5.


Table 11-5 Comparison of the use of straw mat and non-woven fabric cover greenhouses cultivation of flowers

Table .png

    Can be seen from the data in the table, non-woven fabric in the flower greenhouses on the application effect is very obvious. Clivia 's average daily growth rate of mosaic flowers increased by 48%; Longzhuhua height average daily growth increased by 30%; Aloe vera average daily growth increased by 20% or more. These data fully illustrate the non-woven fabric in the flower of the important role of cultivation is very significant for the development of flowers to create favorable conditions.



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