The Origin and Development of Spunbonded Nonwoven Technology

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Spun bond process (Spun-bond Process), non-woven material production is one of the main methods, also known as spinning into the network or polymer extrusion network. Spunbond method is the use of chemical fiber spinning method, the polymer spinning, drafting, paved network, and finally by needle, spunlace, hot-rolled or self-bonding method to form non-woven materials.



Spunbond is a nonwovens technology, its origin and development of the 20th century, forty or fifties of the commercialization of synthetic filament spinning process, its origins can be traced back to the 1940s, two In the early fifties of the nineteen nineties the United States Navy laboratory to establish a small melt extruder, the molten polymer extruded from the spinneret hole, the formation of fine fineness of filament fibers, and then use hot air blowing into the Screen, the fiber bonding into a network, which is the first spinning into the network technology, but due to the technical level of the time limit, the technology can not be studied.

    With the development of chemical fiber technology, in the late 1950s, Freudenberg Company of Germany and Dupont Company of USA began to study the spunbond nonwoven technology. However, due to the high production cost and the imperfect technology, The results of the study have not been extended. To the twentieth century, the United States Du-pont sixties to apply for a patent, the twentieth century, the mid-sixties began industrial production, the late sixties of the twentieth century, the early seventies, spunbond nonwovens technology has been developed, German Leffen company using the overall horizontal venturi drafting device, so that the quality of spunbonded nonwovens have a larger increase, the level of industrial production has also been great progress. Later, the United States Essen will meltblowing technology applied to the spunbond technology, due to the use of special structure of the drafting device, which spunbond nonwovens technology has a greater development.



Spunbond production technology as a result of rapid development, high growth rate, production capacity, high quality, excellent performance, product applications, market adaptability, coupled with spunbond non-woven production process is short, high production efficiency , With the advantages of large-scale production, in which spunbond non-woven strength and elongation performance is better. At present, with the melt-blown and spunbond multi-nozzle composite technology, two-component differential fiber spinning technology to spunbond nonwovens technology has brought more broad application prospects, so the twentieth century nine After the decade, spunbond non-woven products in the use of advanced technology and other aspects will be a more rapid and more extensive development.

     Ruixin company has polypropylene spunbond production line 6, the annual output of up to 15,000 tons, while non-woven products workshop has six sets of automatic non-woven pieces of machine and two sets of non-woven Winder and multiple products and equipment , The daily production of more than 100,000 sheets of tablecloths, 2000 volumes of small volumes of non-woven fabrics, 50,000 medical sheets.



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