"Ai Weinong" on the agricultural stage, Credit Suisse to further step in environmental protection

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On July 13th, at 9:40 am, Credit Suisse management and scientific research personnel departed 11 people to visit Foshan City Agricultural Science Research Center and Foshan Agricultural Technology Promotion Center in Nanshan Town, Sanshui District. The bad weather, floating rain along the way, everyone's enthusiasm is not diminished.

     The first leg, Credit Suisse representatives took part in the ten fruit corridor picking season and the establishment of industry alliance launch ceremony. Ceremony, Foshan City, Ruixin Nonwovens Co., Ltd. launched a new environmentally friendly film - "Ai Weinong" by the tourists, agricultural growers, agricultural researchers of all ages.


 Figure 1 Shili fruit corridor picking season and the establishment of industry alliance to launch the scene



Figure 2 Ceremonial scene

Into the promenade, will be able to see the eye-catching signs marked "Ai Wei Nong new green film demonstration base." Base in the green grapes large, crisp flesh, high yield, as if with grapes next to the sharp contrast. A closer look, the original base of the film using the Swiss company's new launch of the "love Wei Nong" green plastic film. "Love Weinong" green film is a Swiss letter and German companies to launch new achievements in the non-woven polypropylene on the basis of adding anti-aging masterbatch. This kind of mulching film is good in ruggedness and durability, and can be degraded automatically. At the same time, it has the functions of controlling grass, pest control, heat preservation, air permeability and so on, which can help the plant grow and improve the fruit quality and yield. Ruixin Ai Wei agricultural green plastic film of these advantages have been recognized by many agricultural professionals.


Figure 3 Ai Weinong test base


    Figure 4 Ai Weinong test base



Figure 5 Ai Weinong test base

     Credit Suisse has been specializing in the production of non-woven fabrics for nine years, beginning Ruixin Nonwovens Co., Ltd. only the production of a single membrane and non-woven bags. But the company has always believed that the person to do business, personality and others do not do the same, it is possible from the market come to the fore. To this end, the team visited countries exhibitors, in addition to selling products, the more is to understand the various sectors of the demand for non-woven fabrics. "Participate in the process we will try to understand the business of non-woven applications and the desired results, come back after the information summary analysis, which carried out industrial development and upgrading of the 'brainstorming.'" So, following the one-time non- After the tablecloth, "Ai Weinong" new environmental film has become a star of Credit Suisse products.



Figure 6 Credit Suisse management team and the Commissioner of the total photo

The second leg, Credit Suisse team came to the Foshan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Foshan City, agricultural technology promotion center to visit, and with the Director of the Office of the promotion of Feng Weiming to discuss and learn.


  Figure 7 office building in Foshan City



Figure 8 Credit Suisse management team and Feng Zhuren photo

     It is understood that the Foshan Institute of Agricultural Sciences was founded in 1959, covering a total of 768 acres, is committed to agricultural cultivation techniques, improved varieties of research, as well as new planting techniques, new varieties of crops promotion. Ruixin purpose of the trip, in addition to the opening three years ago to enable the non-woven watermelon test field film, more importantly, the company hopes to support environmental protection, advocacy to promote the spirit of environmental protection, "Ai Weinong" new environmental protection film more applications In agriculture, reduce the use of pesticides, reduce planting costs, to achieve high yield, yield, for farmers engaged in agricultural cultivation brings the gospel.



Figure 9 Credit Suisse team to the Agricultural Research Institute on the road

In this case,

    At the symposium, Mr. Feng gave affirmation and recognition to Credit Suisse's advocacy of environmental protection, responding to the call of the state and supporting the spirit of agricultural development. Feng Zhuren said that the current national development of agriculture attaches great importance in different provinces and cities have set up agricultural research institutes, specifically responsible for the planting industry, aquaculture research, and strive to develop an excellent variety and safer planting and breeding methods , And comprehensively promote the national agricultural development. Ruixin company's new "Ai Wei Nong" new environmental protection film environmental protection, increase production, is in line with national requirements and development. The role of the new film in the watermelon Ruixin test field has been fully reflected. The use of "Ai Weinong" plastic film significantly reduced the number of watermelon field weeds, watermelon vine relative did not use the "love Weinong" film to lush, green, watermelon production volume is relatively large. In addition, the "Ai Weinong" is the use of polypropylene material, after a period of time can be automatically degraded, compared to ordinary plastic film, to avoid the white pollution of the environment. It is precisely because of these advantages, "Ai Wei Nong" new green plastic film has been recognized by the Director Feng.



Figure 10 Ai Weinong test field watermelon


In addition to witnessing their own new products "Ai Weinong" new type of green plastic film on the advantages of agricultural cultivation, the company advocated environmental protection, support the concept of agriculture has been affirmed. I hope the future of the company "green travel, Credit Suisse first" concept of environmental protection to be promoted, and hope that "Ai Weinong" new environmental protection film more applied to agricultural cultivation, the majority of farmers to bring the Gospel.


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