Credit Suisse nine years, thanks to you

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   July 2, 2016 is a day to be celebrated. This is the 9th birthday of Credit Suisse. In this day to celebrate, we Ruixin people gathered together to share and memorable nine years of the company bit by bit.



Figure 1 The boss toast

     For our nine years of wind and rain, do a cup! - Chairman of the board and general manager toast. The company from the first non-woven production line, the development of today's seven non-woven production lines, from a single non-woven domestic sales, to today's Rui Letter non-woven fabrics, mattresses all over the world, they contributed. They see Credit Suisse as his own son, for its development and growth sleepless, and finally made today's extraordinary achievements.



Figure 2 Guo total awards for the old staff

     Credit Suisse nine, thanks to you! - To thank the old employees who have worked hard for the Ruixin mattress for many years, the company specially commended the old employees who had worked for Credit Suisse for more than five years, awarded them the 9th anniversary badge and thanked the red envelopes and encouraged them to continue to unite. , Credit Suisse to create a more brilliant tomorrow.



Figure 3 old staff photo


     Keep a good moment, Credit Suisse because of your wonderful! - the company to more than five years old staff to commend and take pictures. Lights, the sound of music, applause, with a grateful heart, together for the nine years of Credit Suisse write a stroke. Thanksgiving Credit Suisse, let us come together. Thanksgiving fate, let us have a paragraph of good colleagues!



Figure 5 export team

     Let us continue the trials and tribulations, with Thanksgiving forward! - Credit Suisse Department of collective show. Since Credit Suisse embarked on the road of foreign trade, the rapid development of the company, business quickly expanded to Europe, the United States, Australia, the Middle East and the world. When we are proud of Credit Suisse products around the world, do not forget to thank the Department of export credit. With the development and expansion of the company, the company's foreign trade team also developed into a 20-member family, they quietly do a better job in foreign trade and work.



Figure 6 Production team

     Quality and high yield, unity and innovation, quality control we have the final say! - Credit Suisse Production Group Show. Nine years, Credit Suisse business is getting stronger and stronger, one of the most important reason is strict quality checks. We have a strong production team, united, the product quality Cengcengbaguan, and actively study innovation, colleagues to achieve the "quality" and "high-yielding" production targets.



Figure 7 Financial Team

     Integrity of a ring, gold million two, meticulous, I can do it! - Credit Suisse Treasury collective show. Credit Suisse's rapid development, but also depends on the company's good reputation in the world, this reputation is reflected in the integrity of the company's business. We have a meticulous financial team, the company's funds for a reasonable and accurate management, won the trust of employees, the guests trust.



Figure 8 Customer toast

     Ruixin Ruixin Xin mattress to do more and stronger, prosperous! - German customers toast. Credit Suisse global development to today, customers have been all over the world, coincides with this important day, the German customers to visit, and for the ninth anniversary of Ruixin's birthday sincere blessings for your service Ruixin Rui Xin Staff sent intimate greetings.



Figure 9 small game

     Happy night worth a daughter, Happy Birthday! - Credit Suisse employees, family members, guests interactive game. Tonight, we put down all the work pressure, enjoy the release, enjoy crying and laughing, moved to tears, happy to laugh. After laughing and crying, let us continue to embark on a journey for the company a better tomorrow to continue to stick to their posts, meticulous, the work well.


Figure 10 Employee singing

     I grew up together with Credit Suisse! - nine years veteran employees on behalf of the comments. Nine years, they did not forget the beginning of the heart, with a grateful heart, accompanied by Credit Suisse together for nine years. Today, the company has achieved remarkable results, their pride can not be expressed in words, only with a song, "



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