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Due to the development needs of the Company, need to recruit the following talents to join:

First, foreign trade clerk:

1, college education, college English 4 or above, has a good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

2, proficient in foreign trade business processes and related knowledge, more than two years work experience in foreign trade business. Corresponding to the outstanding graduates can also be considered.

3, has a strong independent development of customer capacity.

4, work proactively, there is momentum, passion, a strong team spirit.

5, with a mattress product market development ability is preferred.

Remark: Our company offers competitive remuneration and many domestic and international exhibition opportunities. We have rich resources for developing network platform. If you have the ability to have confidence, we warmly look forward to your joining, let us create a better tomorrow.

Second, the workshop craftsman:

1, familiar with the workshop management, proficiency in non-woven products, production processes, standards and production processes are preferred.

2, work conscientiously, careful, responsible, strong sense of responsibility.

3, has a strong workshop management and staff training and education.

4, with strong organizational coordination and communication skills.

Third, the workshop around the mattress workers:

1, male, junior high school or above, 18-45 years old.

2, familiar with both sides, trilateral edge of the edge of the operation, skilled, handmade good quality.

3, requires hard-working, subject to work arrangements.

4, wages for the bottom wage + piece rate.

Fourth, the company provides a good working and living environment and has a good corporate culture. The above positions, once hired, treatment favorably. Other recruitment positions please visit our company in Foshan and Zhaopin recruitment network released the relevant recruitment information.

5, Contact: Human Resources Department of Zhang, Tel 81196617,13928663736

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