Domestic Market

Ruixin Nonwovens Co., Ltd. has been established for 9 years, is located in Foshan Nanhai Shishan, Division I to home-oriented non-woven fabrics, in Guangdong Province is a leader in quality and sales are known, non-woven In addition processing, we specialized products workshop and stitching workshop, service to customers of non-woven products, non-woven derivatives such as: handbags, agricultural non-woven width to 25 meters, printing and other products. The scale is expanding ceaselessly, the service promotes ceaselessly.

Now Wanted agents nationwide, the requirements are as follows:

1, with an independent legal personality

2, with a certain financial strength

3, with non-woven operating permit

4, with a certain network sales or physical store sales

The spirit of equality and mutual benefit, the pursuit of a win-win marketing idea, I would like to Secretary for agents at all levels and sincere cooperation and provide:

1, the agent of regional protection

2, high-quality products after-sales service

3, the product has a good brand

4, to provide a competitive market space and return on the operation

Interested parties please contact our sales management department, Tel: 400-8811-028



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